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Elder, Watkins, Friedman & Allen, P.C. is a law firm comprised of experienced criminal defense attorneys with offices in Prince Edward County and Charlotte County. Our law firm has handled thousands of criminal cases, ranging from the lowest category of misdemeanor to the highest category of felony. On any given day, one or more of our attorneys will likely be in court representing clients charged with a criminal offense. If you or a family member have been charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, call us today.

Attorneys in Farmville and Charlotte Court House Handling Criminal Defense

Whether you’re charged with a misdemeanor driving offense or a serious felony, our criminal defense lawyers are here to help. Our law offices in Farmville and Charlotte Court House provide complete legal services for individuals charged with serious crimes.

Often, the first step in a criminal matter is to obtain a bond hearing. With four attorneys who handle criminal matters, Elder, Watkins, Friedman & Allen is generally able to handle the intake of your case and to place your bond motion before the court quickly. While your case is pending, the attorneys at Elder, Watkins, Friedman & Allen will take time to analyze the evidence in your case, and to meet with you regarding each evidentiary issue and every possible defense.

Elder & Watkins Defense Attorneys

The attorneys at Elder, Watkins, Friedman & Allen have vast amounts of experience in representing students, individuals who either have or are seeking to obtain security clearance, and individuals whose cases have garnered attention from the media.

We understand the goals of our clients and do everything possible to achieve the best outcome in each case. We have assisted many clients in achieving positive results, including full acquittals and subsequent expungements in General District Courts, Circuit Courts and Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts. Our success has come through negotiations with prosecutors, from bench trials (trials presided over by judges) and from jury trials.

If you or a family member have been charged with a crime, call us today to speak with one of our attorneys. We are ready to help.