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The attorneys at Elder, Watkins, Friedman & Allen, P.C. offer business law services for all types of businesses in Southside Virginia. Our attorneys regularly form business entities and represent businesses throughout the region.

Business Entity Formation

As part of our business law services, we work with individuals and existing businesses on both entity formation and general counsel services. Elder, Watkins, Friedman & Allen have created hundreds of business entities, including Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s), Stock Corporations, Non-Stock Corporations and Partnerships.

General Business Counsel

In addition to creating business entities, our attorneys serve as general counsel to numerous businesses who seek periodic advice or who are engaged in litigation.

Companies often need legal counsel when engaging in the regular course of business. Preparing contracts, answering legal questions, and representing companies engaged in litigation are just some of our general business legal services.

Legal Representation When Buying or Selling a Business

Our attorneys regularly represent clients who are selling and purchasing businesses. We are experienced in drafting and reviewing asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements and other related documents, and we often work hand in hand with the accountants who represent our clients in order to ensure that our clients interests are protected.

Other issues handled by Elder, Watkins, Friedman & Allen include mergers, creation of 501(c)3 entities, and the incorporation of business planning into estate planning.