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The attorneys at Elder, Watkins, Friedman & Allen serve as real estate closing attorneys for buyers and sellers throughout Southside Virginia. In addition to representing clients at real estate closings, the attorneys and staff at Elder, Watkins, Friedman & Allen handle title research and all variety of real estate litigation throughout Southside Virginia including Farmville, Prince Edward County, Charlotte County, and other nearby counties.

From representing first-time homebuyers to large-scale land holding companies, the attorneys at Elder, Watkins, Friedman & Allen are experienced in all aspects of real estate law and real estate litigation. Each day our offices work on numerous residential and commercial real estate closings.

We handle easements, boundary disputes, timber deeds, adverse possession cases, partition suits and the drafting and review of residential leases, commercial leases and solar leases with regularity. These issues can often be complicated, and our attorneys strive to communicate effectively with our clients so that they can complete transactions with confidence and enter into litigation with full awareness of the issues and the risks.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Closings

Residential and commercial real estate closings are at the heart of our practice. From drafting or reviewing the initial contract to working with clients seeking to lend or borrow money: whether you are buying or selling real estate, the attorneys and staff at Elder, Watkins, Friedman & Allen are here to help.

For most families and individuals, a home is the most expensive purchase they will ever make. It’s both an exciting and a stressful event. Our real estate closing attorneys and staff are here to remove some of the stress associated with this transaction by walking clients through the process step by step and ensuring that what you are buying is without any known title flaws. We carefully review each title, including a review of any surveys on record, in order to minimize the potential of any headaches that may occur after the purchase is finalized.

Real Estate Litigation Attorneys

Our real estate litigation attorneys handle easement disputes, boundary disputes, partition suits, foreclosures, and all other varieties of real estate litigation.


A good lease can eliminate a massive amount of headache (and cost) in the event of a disagreement. We regularly prepare and review leases for residential property, commercial property and solar leases. We work with each client to tailor the lease agreement being prepared to the special needs and requirements that are necessary for each specific transaction. In the event that tenants are in breach of a lease agreement, we routinely handle evictions.